My name is Briliani Dwi Harnawan Putri. I was born in 1995, in a little regency in the middle of java, named Klaten. Spent last few years in Jakarta to pursued an undergraduate degree in Accounting.

Wholeheartedly passionate in finance, youth and writing.

Have worked professionally in both finance field and youth-segmented marketing field, while volunteered myself on youth movement, named Sinergi Muda and its well-known annual project, called Indonesian Youth. Sometimes also helped another (individual, organization or government) to doing projects in social and youth area.

Scripta Manent, Verba Volant

Documented story and thought in this blog since 2011, while being a woman of letters in another.

I am @brilianidhp on Twitter, Instagram and Ask.fm.
For my professional profile you can look my LinkedIn profile.
Otherwise, reach me to putri.briliani@yahoo.com

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