Is it Right ?

5/16/2012 01:08:00 PM

May, 8th 2012

Eighteen days after national examination, which means eighteen days with free days, without lessons schedule, without uniforms and i miss it so bad.

Finally, i decided back to touch my room in my boarding house. Spending some hours in the night, taking a rest on this lovely bed. I realize that much things change. A dusting-table and spider webs are not count in this category. I can’t describe it well. Let me know alone !

Some people are talking about prom-night. Talking about their willness, where must they buy bla bla bla, and the other things. I am not interested about.

Not means that my pronouncement tell you that i am nerd, awkward, dislike shopping, etc. No ! No ! No ! I like shopping like others girls. I also like wearing stylish clothes. But, I will be a first human who step aside when more than two people talk that over.

I think, we better search some literature individual if we want some attire reference. I don’t forbid people who talking about fashion, but one thing that I assert : Don’t too over and don’t spend a lot of times because of it !

As student who will continue our study to university, we have  a lot of important things to do !

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