Photos : Story in The Notes

12/17/2012 09:53:00 PM

Hello, bloggies ! I'm back again...... *sweep this blog*
I just wanna to share some photos, (very) simple photos, far-away from art ~haha.
The story was begun when @sinergimuda gave me a gift (I won a quiz). And one of the gift is ..... note ! A little note, residue from Indonesian Youth Conference :P

Not too little, but cute enough :3

And the first page, I made this .... *sensored*
What must I do with my first final-exam ?

The next pages, I just did something for fun..... And one of my classmate join me ~lol haha

That's enough ! Don't try in your class. You must  give attention to your lecturer(s) *self-geplak*
See you in the next post, bloggies ! :DD

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  1. nice art,

    kayaknya punya bakat nih..

    kayaknya suka berubah pikiran ya? alias plin-plan??
    cuma nebak dari bentuk tulisan, maaf kalo salah.. heheh