Is It Needed to Take a Gap?

9/03/2016 09:43:00 PM

OMG! It has been the longest time I didn’t write anything in my blog. However, this year has been a very unproductive time for me in writing. Do not ask me why, because I do not know what the precise answer.

I have realized that after graduating life is literally the most questioning time since we already be responsible with ourselves. What I have done? I decided to resign from the last job, travel in some places, take a course, join an exchange program and involve in some projects. Some people asked me why I quit from my job, and I just said that I need a gap (year, or maybe some months).

Actually, taking a gap year is not common for people in the developed countries. I also believe that we have to get away with any parts of our daily routine and looking for something new for us before ready to take a step in achieving our life goals.

According to Huffington Post, there are several reasons why we should take a gap year. Here there are:

  • Realize what you love before you start studying
In my case, I found what is comfortable with my feet during these months. I have planned the steps should be taken after this, to achieve what the things that I really want to make it come true.

  • Know what’s important in life before most people do
If you have traveled the wider world, you know exactly what the important thing that we should chase it. It could be started to explore every little side of our broad country.

  • Get to adventure at your prime

It was really pleasant to be 21 years old, and do anything with no job, no significant other, no deadline, no homework and no worries. I am not sure to get it again easily after entering the real life (read: study or work).

  • Be an expert adapting to new places

The surroundings will force us to integrate into a new society, a new group of friends or cultural norms. And even share dreams to each other. We might have a chance to learn something we never expected before.

  • Have time to think

Give yourself room to think and breathe, and be on long train rides or airplane flight from one place to another place in days spent strolling through new towns. You will be surprised where your mind wanders when you give it free rein.

  • Pick up the pieces you missed in college

It is the best time to refine the specific skills you feel like you are lacking and sharpen them up for the next stage. For instance, learning new languages or obtaining a deep understanding about something that supports your plan of life.

  • Make new friends

We can make a new friend anywhere. New friends mean new perspective on life, will hugely enrich yours indirectly. Also, we never know will happen in the future. Who knows that a person who met today will help you in the future?

As the epilogue, yesterday I read a book from Ika Natassa in the bus TransJakarta. (By the way, she is my favorite Indonesian female writer after Dewi Lestari). She talked about counterfactual thinking, or in the easy word we say “what if” scenario. In some cases, it lead us to be more grateful and knowing the meaning of life. For me, when I remembered what have happened in the last recent months, I feel so lucky. I am so blessed for deciding to take this gap after graduated from college. And I am really ready to be a struggler again for my goals! 

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