The Philosophy of Rain

2/11/2012 08:30:00 AM

Rainy day ! Rainy day !
Everyday is rainy day !

I am just a little beetle, not a bumblebee
My curiosity become a sensation
Everyday is rainy, why ?

Running, turning
I’m looking for answers, looking for light
                                Why does that water fall down from the sky ?

I asked to mother beetle,
“Mother.. Mother,  why does water that fall down from the sky is called rain ?”
She said, “It is like why you are called beetle.”
“Who’d give that name mother ?”
Mother replied patiently. “Of course your ancestors !”

“Then mom, why does the rain fall down from the sky ?”
Mother was thinking, then said, “Because rain is angel’s peeing.”
I am confuse, really ?

Running, turning
I’m looking for answers, looking for light

I asked to father worm
“Father worm ... father worm, why does the rain fall down from the sky ?”

Father worm replied,
“Rain begins from evaporation of the sea water. The water is gathered, then become a cloud. The cloud is carried by the wind here. Then the sky is not strong to hold them. Finally, the sky squeeze the cloud. So, the squeezed cloud released water that we call rain fall down from the sky.”

I am not understand
Thirty minutes passed by,
the cloud in the sky turning from white - blue, to be black - gray

cartoon-insects-8.gifDrizzle starting to damp the earth obviously
Giving fresh air to the nervous grass
Giving fragrance color to the soil
Refracting the coolness heart

I don’t know the philosophy of rain correctly
All that i know, the rain was reassuring
I love rain very much


Klaten, January 1st 2012
Rain lover,
Briliani Dwi Harnawan Putri

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  1. wah banyak tulisan yang bagus nih di blog ini
    salam kenal ya sekalian ijin follow blog ini :)


  2. Eh, makasih yaa :)
    salam kenal, aku brilian .

  3. #np Sheila On 7 - Hujan Turun

  4. Tulisannya pada bagus. Salam kenal ya :)

  5. @bangilyas . Emang ada ya SO7 lagunya itu ? :p

    @elfrida . makasih ^^